sábado, 21 de enero de 2017

2016 (y yapa)

El disco 2016 es así de simple:

1) Shakey Graves: Dearly Departed (Shakey Graves)
2) Mercedes Sosa: Arriba quemando el sol (Violeta Parra)
3) Pomplamoose: Expiration date (Pomplamoose)
4) Cereus Bright: Stayin' alive (Bee Gees)
5) Rush: New World Man (Rush)
6) Magdalena Matthey c/Pedro Aznar: Era una rosa (Magdalena Matthey)
7) Bertoldi-Juárez-Romanelli: Runaway baby (Bruno Mars)
8) Sílvia Pérez Cruz: Ai, ai, ai (Sílvia Pérez Cruz)
9) Sting: What have we got? (Sting-Nail-Tickell-Tickell-Sutton)
10) Cereus Bright: Stella (Cereus Bright)
11) Chango Spasiuk: Onírico uno en F (Chango Spasiuk)
12) Swear and Shake: Blouses (Swear and Shake)
13) Immigrasons: El noi de la mare-Vidala del último día (Trad./Valladares-Galán)
14) Sílvia Pérez Cruz: Duérmete (Sílvia Pérez Cruz)
15) Rush: Driven (Rush)
16) Magdalena Matthey: Baguala del viento (Magdalena Matthey)

Yapa: Una candidata al disco 2017. “Orchid”, de Nataly Dawn.

There's an orchid in my cup-holder
And it makes me think of you
So frightened by the roaring wind
But clinging to its roots
And I hope you get the chance to see
What the Good Lord sees in you
But while we wait I'll orchestrate
This small table for two

All the praises in the world
Are all I have to offer you
I must not sing them loud enough
Cause none of them ring true
So when we've had our final course
And all the wine bottles are through
I'll wipe your eyes with eloquent lies
And try not to be cruel

Maybe when the days are longer
We will find the time to change
And stop the unrelenting voices
Pounding in our brains
But for now we'll sail the charted course
And check our hands for stains
Oh hoist your glass to forgetting fast
Till only good remains

Hoist your glass to forgetting fast
Till only good remains

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